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Things to Know About Hardwood Floor Refinishing

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Without a doubt, refinishing the hardwood flooring in your house is almost the same as getting a facelift for yourself. It makes things appear brand new. It is also rejuvenating. On almost every occasion, the cost of refinishing is much more affordable compared to replacing.

Wood is a natural product. Natural variations are a huge part of its look. When you refinish hardwood floors, you can highlight these natural variations. It is all part of your home’s character and the wood itself. Nothing can replicate original hardwood floors.

Before you start refinishing your wood floor refinishing in Edison, here are several things you should know:

Expect to Repaint the Baseboards

Refinishing and sanding is going to scratch the baseboards. Also, you’ll get some poly and stain on them. Thus, you will have to repaint them afterward. This can also be applied to your spindles, stringers, stair risers, and steps.

You should consider painting after you have finished refinishing the floors. Also, you should keep in mind that you have to remove the baseboards first before refinishing the floors if you plan on replacing them. A professional floor refinishing company will know the right sequence of steps.

Upgrading Your Hardwood Floor with a New Color

You have to refinish your hardwood floor if it begins to show signs of wear and tear. You want to ensure that your floor looks great with all that effort and time. You should let the work be carried out by experts.

You’ve got the chance to change the look of the floor using a new color after sanding it down to its natural state. A couple of individuals love the hardwood floor color stains since they think it improves the wood’s natural color. It does not matter what you want. Hardwood floors can be made lighter or darker. It is up to you.

Always remember that new wood will typically be lighter compared to the old hardwood when it is used to fix damaged areas. The reason for this is they have not aged as much.

Refinishing and Sanding Does Not Fix Gaps

For those who don’t know, you can sand down high-quality hardwood floors and refinish it around 10 times before it requires replacement.

A lot of homeowners ask if there’s a chance to refinish a floor without sanding it. However, the staining does not penetrate the hardwood if the floors aren’t sanded.

You may have to use a more aggressive sanding tool to smooth out the floors if they’re damaged. The gaps will still be there if you notice them between the boards. A couple of small gaps may improve with refinishing.

Preparing the Room and the Floor

You have to remove every single thing. Keep in mind that any item left inside will be exposed to a lot of debris and dust. Check that every electrical outlet, doorway, and the vent is properly covered. If required, mop and sweep the floor thoroughly to clean it before the refinishing process starts.

If you don’t know how to refinish hardwood flooring, you can always rely on a professional company for help.

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